Solar Energy

"An oasis in the countryside which is capable of generating all the energy that it needs: our dream. In the past, in order to survive the rigid winters, fruit from the summer harvest was collected here; today, the barn collects solar energy during the warmest months to convert it into energy and warmth during the darkest ones."

The only valid answer to the constant growth of the global necessity for energy and to the swift consumption of the main energetic resources seems to come more and more from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources represent not only an inexhaustible source but also respect our biggest legacy, the Earth.

The Agriturismo L’Unicorno nurtures love and respect for the earth from which is gathers its own sustainability. It does not remain indifferent in front of the energy problem. It responds by integrated two solar energy systems into the historic buildings of the court farm. There is the perfect union between the solar panels, the maximum expression of modern technologies, and a historic country barn, which embraces the energy challenge and presents it to its guests. They cannot ignore the harmonic fusion of the past with the modern in a unique structure that protects the rural world. The Agriturismo offers itself as an instrument of awareness to the energy problem through an authentic example of eco-sustainability.

Thanks to its two solar panel systems, the Agriturismo reaches total energetic autonomy, satisfying the need within the entire farm court (circa 26,000 kwh/year). The solar panels guarantee the energy needed to illuminate the Agriturismo, the outdoor lighting system, the storage area, the horse stable, and the owner’s house. They furnish energy to heat/cool the living areas, to heat water, and to prepare the meals in the kitchen.